Aqua Sniper

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Aqua Sniper

Aqua Sniper - Water Civilization

The first review for the Duel Masters Card of the Day is of Aqua Sniper.

Name: Aqua Sniper
Cost: 8
Race: Liquid People
Civilization: Water
Type: Creature

Rules Text:
When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose up to 2 creatures in the battle zone and return them to their owners’ hands.
Flavor Text:
Water surrounds, enfolds, buoys . . . and attacks.

Power: 5000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Seki
Rarity: S
Collector Number: S3
Set: Base Set

Review and Ratings:

Looking at Aqua Sniper, I find it very useful when your opponent is playing big monsters. It justifies the 8-mana cost, as it is a Teleportation Spell with a 5000 power creature. The ability of this card (which most duelist don’t realize or misinterpret) is impressive, that is, when this creature is put into the battle zone, you can choose upto 2 creatures in the field and return them to their owners hands. This means three things:

– You can choose 0, 1 or 2 creatures to return to their owner hands.
– You can choose your own creatures, your opponents or a combination of both.
– You can return a creature of your opponent to his hand and take back your Aqua Sniper to your hand (which is a pretty smart trick).

One you have enough mana to summon this creature, you may cause a creature lock at your opponent (using the third tactic above), while attacking with your other creatures to destroy the opponent.

This creature’s effect also come in handy if you opponent has summoned Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits in the battle zone. You may return it to your opponent’s hands, thus enabling you to use spells other than light.

This creature is a must for Light-Water Alcadeias Deck. Water cards can be mixed easily with any civilization though.

Constructed Rating: 4/5 – Aqua Sniper is a great retriever card at the death of the game. It can send back upto two of your opponent’s big monsters back to his hands, removing the immediate threat. The only drawback one would think would be its mana-cost.

Limited Rating: 4/5 – A card like this can be the difference between a win and a loss. It can remove any immediate threat, and also give you a 5000 power creature that could break shields and attack creatures, the power comes in handy to get past cheap blockers.

Rarity: 5/5 (It deserves every bit of its Rarity. KEEP THIS CARD AT ALL COSTS. Only sell or trade if you feel the need to.)