Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

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Bolmeteus Steel DragonIn Fire Civilization, Creatures having Dragon in their races have the most power. They are the deadliest when come into play. One of such creatures is Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.

Name: Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Cost: 7

Race: Armored Dragon

Civilization: Fire

Type: Creature

Rules Text:

Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield into his graveyard instead.

Flavor Text:

Part robot. Part Dragon. All robo-Dragon.



Mana Number: 1

Artist: Shishizaru

Rarity: S

Collector Number: S7

Set: Stomp-a-Trons of Invincible Wrath

Review and Ratings:

Bolmeteus needs no introduction. It’s a 7-mana 7000 power, Double Breaker. It belongs to Fire Civilization and has Dragon in its race, so it can be used as a base card for more power evolution creatures such as Überdragon Bajula. His ability is exceptional. Whenever this creature attacks your opponent, it breaks two shields but the fun part is; your opponent puts those shields into his graveyard. That means, he cannot use Shield Trigger ability of his shields, and it has no treat there. Even if your opponent is playing Darkness Cards; spells like Terror Pit in your opponent’s shields wouldn’t break you a sweat.

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon has an okay power; 7000, but this also means it is not immune to spells like Apocalypse Vise, or Creatures such as Gatling Skyterror that can attack it while being untapped. It also means this creature is vulnerable to cards like Deathliger (Darkness), Boltail Dragon (Fire), Crystal Lancer (Water) and Hanusa, Radiance Elemental (Light), which have more power and cost less than or equal to 7 mana. But if you’re able to break shields with this creature for even once, that would be major destruction for your opponent. His two shields would be directly sent to graveyard (skipping the usual method of returning broken shields to the hand, and cast shield triggers), and he won’t be able to cast anything. Its ability makes it an easier choice over other fire creatures having more power, such as Boltail Dragon.

If you’re playing a Dragon Deck, and your style is to not rush your opponent but wait for your trump cards to hit the battle zone first, this creature is a suitable fit. Plus, you can evolve into a more power Dragon, which will create even more destruction. It can eliminate all your opponent’s shields in just 3 attacks. So, it would be a quick Todo Meda!

Constructed Rating: 5/5 – Bolmeteus Steel Dragon can easily counter any shield trigger treat you face during your battles. It sends two shields of your opponent’s to his graveyard each time this creature attacks him. So, it can eliminate all shields with only three attacks. So, this can definitely be the difference between win or lose.

Limited Rating: 4/5 – It can come in handy if you’ve drafted it. It can win you a game on its own. Your opponent will be forced to block its attacks each time it would go for the shields, and only Light Civilization has blockers that can counter this creatures attacks, one of which is Gran Gure, Space Guardian. So, if you’re lucky to have drafted it, keep it in the deck, as your opponent will be terrified when this creature hits the battle zone.

Rarity: 5/5 – It’s a Super Rare Creature, and it deserves every bit of its Rarity. KEEP THIS CARD AT ALL COSTS. Only sell or trade if you feel the need to. However, you’re likely to get one copy of it per 3-4 booster packs of DM-6.

Phoenix’s Ultimate Fire and Darkness Civilizations Deck

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Category : Deck Strategies

Phoenix’s Ultimate Fire and Darkness Deck

Deck strategy

This deck is very powerful containing many Demon Commands and Armored Dragons. The technique is to pull out our trump card Überdragon Bajula by evolving it on to Bolshack or Magma Dragon Jagalzor. This creature might help us win the game because your entire opponent’s mana goes to the graveyard.

Phoenix’s Turbo Dragon Deck

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Category : Deck Strategies

Phoenix’s Turbo Dragon DeckThis deck is built from 2 civilizations: Nature and Fire.


The strategy is to summon speed attackers like Bazagazael dragon, Twin cannon skyterror , Bombazar, dragon of destiny. Nature will help me increase mana by using these cheap creatures like silver axe and bronze arm tribe and spells like ultimate force and faerie life. Bombazar, dragon of destiny is our trump card.

Dark Demon Commands Deck

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Category : Deck Strategies

Ballom Master of Death

Ballom Master of Death

Last timeout, I disclosed my mono-nature civilization deck strategy. Since, many of my friends are inclined towards Darkness cards, which provide creature destruction and hand control, I decided to make one. I play with Darkness Cards but combined with other civilizations, especially water and fire. The most powerful race in Darkness is ‘Demon Command’, and creatures like ‘Ballom, Master of Death’, and Daidalos, General of Fury make our job easier to construct a Demon Command deck.

The Strategy

Let Darkness Civilization do what it does best; creature destruction and hand control. The idea is to put a lot of Demon Commands in the deck in order to make sure we can play Ballom at least once. Spells like Terror Pit will help in our cause to win the battle. Rushing the opponent with cheap creatures such as Propeller Mutant, with Daidalos hitting the field as early as 4th turn, would give us the upper hand.

The Dark Demon Commands Deck

For a Demon Command Deck, it is necessary to put cheap Demon Commands such as Daidalos, Photocide, and Vashuna. Ballom, Master of Death if our trump card. We must stall the opponent long enough to play our trump card. We also need blockers, darkness has cheap blockers in Marrow Oz, and Bloody Squito. As for the spells, we’ll use Terror Pit and Proclamation of Death, along with 2 Death Smoke, to clear out any early threat.

Creatures such as DeathLiger, Ballom, and Daidalos are all clean finishers. As soon as you summon Ballom, it will destroy all creatures except darkness creatures, which could wipeout your opponents entire battle zone.

For those who do not have Daidalos, they can replace them with ‘Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void’ (a 4 mana Demon Command with 7000 power double breaker), or with ‘Necrodragon Giland’ (a 4 mana 6000 power Zombie Dragon, and a double breaker). And for Propeller Mutant, you can put ‘Writhing Bone Ghoul’, which is a 2-mana 2000 power attacker.

These replacements will supply you enough fire power in the initial phase of the game.

Darkness has loads of creature destruction spells, you can replace the ones I mentioned in case you don’t have them, with the ones you own, for example, replace Death Smoke with Hopeless Vortex.

The Cards

Below is the full list of cards that this deck would be comprised of:


4 x Marrow Ooze, the Twister

4 x Bloody Squito

4 x Propeller Mutant

2 x Daidalos, General of Fury

1 x Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void

2 x Vashuna, Sword Dancer

2 x Photocide, Lord of the Wastes

2 x Zagaan, Knight of Darkness

3 x DeathLiger, Lion of Chaos

1 x Gigargon

1 x Vampire Silphy

Evolution Creatures:

2 x Ballom, Master of Death


4 x Terror Pit

4 x Proclamation of Death

2 x Death Smoke

2 x Dark Reversal

2 x Snake Attack

1 x Critical Blade

2 x Cranium Clamp


Creatures = 28

Spells = 17

Total Cards = 45


Best Against:

Darkness is the second most power civilization when it comes to mono civilization. It is a very balanced deck with small and big monsters and some creature destruction spells. It would work best against a mono-water or light deck.

Worst Against:

A nature-fire dragon deck will pose the greatest threat to this deck. As for Light, you need to keep an eye out for Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits. If the opponent is featuring swamp creatures, you must keep blockers in hand, and put heavy cost creatures to raise mana. If the opponent is also playing big monsters, you’ll have the battle in the bag before he knows it. It would be interesting to see how it goes against a Darkness deck!

Try it out yourself, and remember to have fun. The best part of CCG, is that you can put any card you like. Feel free to modify it according to your own strategy; put some new cards while taking out some other cards that did not help you. Experiment with the deck, play as much as possible to learn what fits best in your deck.

If you are a duelist already, and want to have a trade, I am selling my Duel Masters Cards as I have reached a massive 8000 in numbers. I have many cards, but I do not have all. If you are willing to buy or sell Duel Masters cards, you are most welcome.

* The card image has been taken from Wizards of Coast website.