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We value our website visitors feedback. Would you like to contribute a News, a Rant, CCG Tips, Strategies, Combos or Deck Ideas?

You Must Follow these Rules:

  • Send us an email with your “detailed tip” (one or two sentences aren’t really worth posting in most people’s opinions)
  • You must post the name of the Tip & Your name in the SUBJECT LINE – Example – “Cool Trap Combo – Big John”, cause we post your tips based on the subject line.
  • Do not send us a listing of the cards in your deck saying “This is a great deck”. We will not post deck lists unless they are part of a Tournament Report.
  • You must put your name & email address at the bottom of your tip. Sometimes tips cause controversy, and we want readers to write you, not us. 😉
  • Do not type in “All Caps” – You can emphasize certain words, but if the whole tip is in all caps … the whole tip will likely end up being rejected.
  • Do not “Bash” another person because you disagree with their tip.
  • Do Not Email us GamePlay Questions. Do Not Ask us Rules Questions. Do Not ask us what a certain card does. We have a spot on the Message Board to help you answer
  • If you don’t follow these rules, your tip will be deleted. We have to post a lot of stuff during the day, and this makes our job easier.


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