About the Authors


Arnold is a full-time web application developer, and blogger. He has been following Duel Masters Trading Card Game for more than 3 years now, and is pretty good at that. He owns more than 5,000 Duel Masters Cards. He builds custom decks, and strategies and always try to come up with a new idea. He’s a big promoter of Duel Masters TCG, and is one of the strongest competitors. His favorite civilizations are Fire and Nature.

Back in 2008, he formed the Speed Attackers – The Counter Strike Clan, and have been leading them since. You can visit our Clan site at http://www.speedattackers.com. You can also visit his personal blog at http://arnold.speedattackers.com.



Fl@sh has enrolled in Computer Science Program for this 3rd year. He also likes to share his experiences on Duel Masters TCG. We call him ‘Koko-Ju’ as he loves to play with Darkness Civilization cards.
You can also visit his personal blog at http://flash.speedattackers.com.


Phoenix is only 13 but has shown great interest in Duel Masters TCG, but of course, second to his study. His aim is to enjoy the game and not worry about the win, so you’ll see him use cards that other players would not consider, thus, comes up with new strategies and ideas.
You can also visit his personal blog at http://phoenix.speedattackers.com.

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