Updated Duel Masters card list

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Hey Duelists! I’ve recently made an effort to compile all my Duel Masters cards and made a spreadsheet.

There are 5 sheets; one for each civilization.
The sheet details what each card is, and on the right there is a column that shows the no. of copies I own, and how many are foils.
Also, at the bottom of each sheet, there is a total count for that civilization.
It also shows which ‘set’ a card belongs to; e.g., ‘M’ means ‘Base Set’ (but you’d be already familiar with this).

You can download Arnold’s complete Duel Masters Cards List from here.

Please note, that my collection of cards is from DM1 – 9. DM 10 and above cards were just not distributed in Pakistan. But this sheet lists all cards until DM-12.
DM-13 was also translated in English, but I couldn’t find it either.

Get a copy of Arnold’s Duel Masters Cards List by clicking here.

So, take your time to have a look through the cards, I’ve and what you would need (as I’ve put in a great effort to compile this).
If you have compiled a list of your cards, it would be great if you could pass it to me as I might want some.

Do any of your friends play DM? What collection do they have?
Me and my friends always try to evolve our decks, use new cards and bring up new ideas, and we’d like to make a DM community and we’d want you to be a part of that.

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