Phoenix’s Ultimate Fire and Darkness Civilizations Deck

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Phoenix’s Ultimate Fire and Darkness Deck

Deck strategy

This deck is very powerful containing many Demon Commands and Armored Dragons. The technique is to pull out our trump card Überdragon Bajula by evolving it on to Bolshack or Magma Dragon Jagalzor. This creature might help us win the game because your entire opponent’s mana goes to the graveyard. Your opponent’s creatures are also going to the graveyard because the spells like terror pit death smoke proclamation of death and hopeless vortex. On the other hand our darkness civilization creatures will support Bajula and the combining

Spells like Miraculous Meltdown will help us easily win the game.

Uberdragon bajulaDeck’s disadvantages

This deck can be worst against Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits in a mono civilization deck of light as this creature will not let harm any of your opponents’ creatures. Water is also harmful because it sends our creatures back to our hand. Water might never give us chance to evolve Überdragon Bajula.

Below is a full list that this deck would be comprised of:


2 x Bolshack dragon

2 x Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

2 x Magmadragon Jagalzor

2 x trixo’ wicked doll

2 x Deathliger, Lion of Chaos

2 x Daidalos, General of Fury

2 x Photocide, Lord of the Wastes

2 x Bazagazael Dragon

2 x Twin Cannon Skyterror

1 x Scarlet Skyterror

1 x Gatling Skyterror

Evolution Creatures

2 x Überdragon Bajula

Miraculous MeltdownSpells

2 x Apocalypse Vise

4 x Terror pit

4 x Proclamation of death

2 x Death smoke

4 x Hopeless vortex

2 x Miraculous meltdown

Creatures = 22

Spells = 18

Total Cards = 40

* Card pictures are provided by Wizards of the Coast website.

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