Phoenix’s Turbo Dragon Deck

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Category : Deck Strategies

Phoenix’s Turbo Dragon DeckThis deck is built from 2 civilizations: Nature and Fire.


The strategy is to summon speed attackers like Bazagazael dragon, Twin cannon skyterror , Bombazar, dragon of destiny. Nature will help me increase mana by using these cheap creatures like silver axe and bronze arm tribe and spells like ultimate force and faerie life. Bombazar, dragon of destiny is our trump card. It helps you get an extra turn but we have to finish him at the end of that turn because if we don’t finish him, we will be finished as bombazar say’s this and also every creature that has 6000 power is destroyed . We only need 2 creature in the battle zone including  Bombazar, dragon of destiny.we can also use Kachua, keeper of the ice gate in this deck for searching of Bazagazael dragon through his tap ability. We need to destroy it but bazagazael says return this creature to your hand so it’s your choice to put that creature into your hand or the graveyard.



This deck can be very poor against water  and light civilization deck plus mono civilization deck of darkness because we need to watch out for alcadieas’ lord of sprits in water and light deck(it is a 12500 power double breaker plus an evolution creature put onto 1 of  angel commands )and also says only light spell can be used, if it is evolved it will ruin our mana acceleration.In darkness we need to watch out for spells like terror pit, death smoke, proclamation of death, hopeless vortex as they will be harmful to bombazar.

Below is a full list of cards that this deck would be comprised of :


2 x cocco lupia

2 x rikabu’s screwdriver

2 x pyrofighter magnus

2 x cryptic totem

2 x bolmeteus steel dragon

2 x bazagazael dragon

2 x bolshack dragon

2 x kachua,keeper of the icegate

1 x bombazar ,dragon of destiny

2 x bronze arm tribe

2 x silver axe

2 x totto pipicchi

2 x galklife dragon

1 x mykee pliers

1 x elf-x

2 x twin cannon skyterror

Evolution creature:

1 x Uberdragon bajula


2 x apocalypse vise

4 x natural snare

2 x vine charger

2 x dimension gate

2 x fairie life

2 x supersonic jet pack

1 x ultimate force

2 x tornado flame


Creatures= 30



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